We offer the following classes either on a one-on-one or in a group setting. If you don't see what you want to learn listed, let us know, we can probably teach it !!   Material costs are NOT included in the class fee.  Classes are for bracelets unless noted otherwise.  There is an additional charge of $10.00 to swap a bracelet for a necklace.

Please call (603) 734-4322 to register.

Basic Classes


 Crystal Clay pendant or ring $35 +mat
 Polymer Clay Beads  $35 +mat
 Earrings $15 +mat
 Stretchy Bracelet $15 +mat
 Kumihimo (w/ and w/o beads)  $35 +mat
 Stringing $25 +mat


 Beaded Bead (Flat even-count peyote) $35 mat
 Netted earrings $35 +mat
 Beaded Bead (Netting) $35 +mat
 Netted pendant $35 +mat
 Beaded Bead (Two needle right-angle weave) $35 +mat
 Peyote earrings $35 +mat 
 Brick Stitch bracelet $35 +mat
 Peyote pendant $35 +mat
 Double Spiral bracelet $35 +mat
 Russian Spiral bracelet $35 +mat
 Flat even-count peyote bracelet $35 +mat
 Single Spiral bracelet $35 +mat
 Flat netted bracelet $35 +mat
 Square Stitch bracelet $35 +mat
 Flat Spiral bracelet $35 +mat
 Tubular Netting bracelet $35 +mat
 Herringbone (flat) bracelet $35 +mat
 Twisted tubular herringbone bracelet $35 +mat   
 Ladder Stitch bracelet $35 +mat
  Two needle right-angle weave bracelet $35 +mat


 Wire Wrap Earrings - $25.00 +mat
 Wire Wrap Pendant (using beads) $25.00 +mat
 Wire Wrap Pendant (using non-drilled items) $25 +mat
 Wire Wrap Rings $25 +mat

Intermediate Classes


 Double Drill Bracelet $25.00 +mat
 Knotting $45 +mat
 Earrings $25 +mat
 PMC Paste Leaves $35+mat
 Hemp with or w/o beads 35+mat
 Steam – Punk Necklace – $35.00 +mat


 Beaded Beads (w/ multiple stitches) $35.00 +mat
 Herringbone Variation Bracelet $35.00 +mat
 Embellished right-angle weave bracelet $45 +mat
 Russian Spiral Variation Bracelet $35.00 +mat
 Brick Stitch $35.00 +mat
 Netting $35.00 +mat

Advanced Classes

 Wire Sculpture $100/hr +mat






275 Calef Highway (Rte 125)
Epping NH. 03042
(603) 734-4322

Open 7 days a week.
         M-F:  10 - 6 
         Sat:   10-5
         Sun:  11 - 4